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Phone It Forward provides refurbished smartphones to blind Nova Scotians

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(HALIFAX – Oct. 18, 2018) With last month's release of the iPhone XS, XS+ and this month's release of the iPhone XR, as well as the release of many Android phone updates, the CNIB Foundation has a solution to put all those old smartphones to good use.  

As users upgrade to newer models, Phone It Forward gives Nova Scotians a unique opportunity to donate their old smartphones, receive a tax receipt for fair market value, and empower people who are blind in the process. 

"Many of Nova Scotia's 13,000 individuals who are blind or partially sighted don't own a smartphone – at least not one that's advanced enough to help them in their daily lives, " says Diane MacDougall, the CNIB Foundation's philanthropy manager. "Phone It Forward lets us put an all-in-one communications and accessibility solution into their hands that will help reduce barriers and drive independence."

Donations are simple to make: a person or company registers their old smartphone(s) online at, picks up a prepaid envelope, sends in their donation(s), and receives a tax receipt from the CNIB Foundation. 

Through a partnership with Fixt Wireless Repair, donated smartphones are wiped to the highest data security standards, loaded with accessible apps and provided to Nova Scotians with sight loss who need them, along with technical training, discounted maintenance and data plan support.

Smartphones combine a number of accessibility tools in one, including:

  • Accessible phone; calling, messaging, email, browser
  • Access to print and audiobooks; DAISY book reader, Audible Kindle, iBooks 
  • Access to real-time sighted assistance
  • Talking object identifiers, colour identifier, barcode readers and calculators
  • Talking health apps: glucose reader, blood pressure readout, heart monitoring
  • Talking navigational and orientational GPS solutions
  • Handheld magnification apps
  • Talking money identifiers
  • Talking product labeling solutions

"My smartphone is much more than just a phone – it's a lifeline," says Shelley Adams, the CNIB Foundation's program lead, who has an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. "With accessible apps, I use it to navigate with GPS, to read text on signs, posters and brochures, to tell me what colour my daughter’s clothes are when I'm getting her ready for daycare, and so much more!" 

Phone it Forward partners include the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, Hercules Group of Companies, Maritime Fuels and Vogue Optical (Elmsdale).

For more information or to donate a smartphone to the CNIB Phone It Forward program, visit

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