A woman wears an insulin pump device on the exterior of clothing. The pump sits on her right hip.

Accessibility of Insulin Devices Survey

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CNIB's advocacy team is conducting research about the accessibility of insulin pumps for people who are living with diabetes and sight loss.

As part of our research, we are launching a survey that will help us better understand the accessibility issues people face when administering insulin.

We welcome responses from people living with diabetes and sight loss, their caregivers, medical professionals, people working in the insulin device industry and anyone who has a connection to sight loss and diabetes. If you have diabetes and sight loss but currently administer insulin through a method that is not a pump, we would also like to learn more about your experiences through this survey.

Although CNIB is a Canadian organization, we also welcome responses from people living outside of Canada so that we can get a complete picture of how this issue is affecting the international community.

Information about the survey and how the information collected will be used to advocate for change is included in the link to the survey below:


We thank you in advance for your participation and for joining the international movement to make insulin pumps more accessible for people who are blind or partially sighted.

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