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2018 Braille Creative Writing Contest Winners

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We are thrilled to share the list of winners for the CNIB Foundation 2018 Braille Creative Writing Contest .
This important competition celebrate braille literacy since 1997.

On October 19 at the Braille Conference, 4 winners have been invited to accept their prizes in person: Janna from Toronto, Noemy from Montreal, Alethea from Vancouver and Marianne from Ottawa.

Group 1 Poem
1st prize Janna Cheung (Toronto, ON)

Group 1 Story
1st prize Noemy Turcotte-Yank (Montreal, PQ)
2nd prize Apsara Kum Genest (Longueiuil, PQ)

3rd prize E.J. Fargey (Victoria, BC)

Group 2 Poem
1st prize Maggie Wehrle (Victoria, BC)
2nd prize Miles Arthorne (Ottawa, ON)
3rd prize Caleb Campbell (Nepean, ON)

Group 2 Story
1st prize Maggie Wehrle (Victoria, BC)
2nd prize Yigit Haybat (Quebec, PQ)
3rd prize Maya Shamas (Gatineau, PQ)

Group 3 Poem
1st prize Alethea Moroney (Vancouver, BC)
2nd prize Bryn Livingstone (Nepean, ON)

Group 3 Story
1st prize Humnah Tahir (Brampton, ON)
2nd prize Dalaynie Conn (Tiny, ON)


Group 4 Poem
1st prize Marianne Stintzi (Ottawa, ON)
2nd prize Eitel Houedakor (Quebec, PQ)
3rd prize 
Nathan Therrien (Trois Riviere, Quebec)

Group 4 Story
1st prize Makayla Conn (Tiny, ON)
2nd prize Arkezia Mella (Calgary, AB)
3rd prize Macara Slobodian (Winnipeg, MB)

Honourable Mention:
Sam Funk
Steve Kiema
Malcolm Gamblin
Evan Samoyloff
Mackenzie Bryan
Abby Roberts
Sofia Idone
Laura Rushforth
Calla Dumouchel
Megan Miller
Abby Stark
Brandon Corbiere
Gabrielle Close
Amatur Rahman Salan-Alada
Melodie De Ravel
Odelie Boudreau
Evann Couturier-Thompson
Cedric DesRosiers
Joe Galipeau
Michel-Anthony Borde


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