Journey to Employment

Time range
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Children & Youth Programs

CNIB, 1080 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg MB R3G 3M3

The CNIB Foundation and Vision Loss Rehabilitation Manitoba Employment Team is pleased to present an interactive day for youth ages 6 to 12, the opportunity to hear from people with sight loss working in a variety of jobs. They can try their hands at basic job activities and ask questions.

The day unfolds as follows (basic outline):

Morning – Children rotate through several interactive stations learning what it takes to be employed in a variety of careers from people with sight loss doing those jobs.

Lunch – Children will help prepare their own healthy lunch, just like they would for their own job.

Afternoon – After finishing up a few more interactive stations, children will hear about sports and recreation and try their hands on leading the group in a simple fun activity.

The day will be a fun display of work-life balance as a future worker.

How to Register:
Please email or phone 204-774-5421 to receive a registration package.

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