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Focus group opportunity (paid)

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CNIB Bayview
1929 Bayview
Toronto ON M4G 0A1

The CNIB Foundation and Aditum Health Inc. are recruiting volunteers for a focus group to provide feedback on a health management system designed to offer accessible technology solutions.


1. Intelechip is a cap that attaches to prescription drug vials and provides auditory instructions on medications and dosage. The product is geared towards people who have a difficult time reading the small print on prescription drug vials.

2. Laila is a personalized virtual caregiver application with voice-based interface for smartphones and tablets. The caregiver app

  • connects to any blue-tooth enabled medical reader (blood pressure, heart rate) 
  • can cross-check medication intake
  • enables chat/video calls to loved ones/caregivers
  • immediately alerts caregivers if there are any changes in health conditions
  • reminds family members of medication schedules, doctor's appointments and follows up on care plans
  • connects to a secure portal allowing emergency personnel access to personal health information if needed

Participants will answer questions about accessibility and provide feedback on their interactive experience with the products. Compensation will be provided.

Date: November 15, 16 or 17 

Time: TBD

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please call Ron Van Holst at 416-660-8399 or email

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