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Connecting the Dots Conference 2020 - TORONTO

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Career and Employment

Connecting the Dots is going virtual!

We're smashing barriers to participation with an interactive experience no matter where you are. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided the CNIB Foundation with a unique opportunity to pivot and rethink how we 'connect the dots' and 'open doors to opportunities' on a global scale. 

We're excited to announce that we've transformed our annual in-person conference to a worldwide digital event to bring you a more accessible and inclusive experience free of geographical barriers.

This year’s Connecting the Dots conference will not only be much larger because it’s a virtual event, but it will also provide attendees with more dynamic networking opportunities while fostering collaboration. By leveraging a digital platform, attendees will have an opportunity to connect more effectively and efficiently with people, near and far. Imagine being in a session and knowing who else is in attendance and having the ability to invite someone for a coffee chat afterwards. This isn’t always possible at in-person conferences when there are hundreds of people in the room. While we’re smashing geographic barriers, we’re also creating a more inclusive environment, where everyone can participate. At Connecting the Dots, you can be part of an innovative community and so much more!

To connect you with people worldwide, we've transformed our annual in-person conference into a digital event to bring an accessible and inclusive symposium without geographical barriers.

We're committed to uniting the voices of our community virtually and providing attendees with the exceptional presentations, keynote speakers, networking opportunities and innovative technology that you've come to expect from the Connecting the Dots experience.

Register for the Connecting the Dots conference and participate from wherever you are! With a stellar lineup, you can now explore, learn and connect with people from around the world. 

Registration officially opens in July.  Event details are regularly updated at

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