A soccer ball sits on a patch of grass.

5-a-side blind soccer – Kitchener

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Culture, Sport & Recreation Programs

CORE Lifestyle & Recreation Complex
401 New Dundee Road
Kitchener ON N2P 2N8

Learn a new sport or brush off your cleats! Led by a fully qualified blind soccer coach, join us for blind soccer summer development sessions. 

"5-a-side soccer (a.k.a. “blind soccer”) is an adapted version of ‘the beautiful game’ that is played at the Paralympic level by blind athletes. The rules of 5-a-side are similar to the rules in able-bodied soccer save a few distinct modifications: the ball makes noise when it moves; all players aside from the goalkeeper wears eye shades; the goalkeeper is fully sighted and also acts as a guide for players in his defensive zone; and, as the name entails, the sport is played with 5 players per team." - Ontario Blind Sports Association. 

Learn the fundamentals of the sport from someone who knows it best. 

Participants are expected to register with the Kitchener Soccer Club, as this falls under their “All Abilities” program. 

Fee: $80 for 4 sessions.

The group practices Monday June 24, July 8, July 22, & August 19 from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Registration required. To learn more, contact Richard at 416-426-7244 or email richard@blindsports.on.ca.

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