A soccer ball sits on a patch of grass.

5-a-side blind soccer (ages 14+) - Pickering

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Culture, Sport & Recreation Programs

Kinsmen Turf
705 Sandy Beach Road
Pickering ON L1W 3X5

Learn a new sport or brush off your cleats! Led by a fully qualified blind soccer coach, join the Pickering Soccer Club for blind soccer sessions. For ages 14+.

"5-a-side soccer (a.k.a. “blind soccer”) is an adapted version of ‘the beautiful game’ that is played at the Paralympic level by blind athletes. The rules of 5-a-side are similar to the rules in able-bodied soccer save a few distinct modifications: the ball makes noise when it moves; all players aside from the goalkeeper wears eye shades; the goalkeeper is fully sighted and also acts as a guide for players in his defensive zone; and, as the name entails, the sport is played with 5 players per team." - Ontario Blind Sports Association. 

Learn the fundamentals of the sport from someone who knows it best. The group meets every Saturday morning at Kinsmen Turf in Pickering. 

Fee: $10 per session.

To learn more, contact Matt Greenwood at execdirector@pickeringsoccer.ca or call 905-244-9993.

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