Specialist, Change Management & Accessibility Standards

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Toronto, ON

• Experience in the field of change management, including using change management methodologies, principles, and techniques.
• Can develop change management strategies and work plans to support team deliverables and organizational objectives.
• Demonstrated ability to lead or support projects, coordinate and manage people respectfully and uses methods that creates accessibility and inclusion.
• Support in the establishment and maintenance of key stakeholders, including coordinate activities and communicate key messages.
• Experience working with commercial clients, and is comfortable within networking environments.
• Have a background in learning development in CNIB to address staff learning needs, allowing quality dissemination of knowledge and information to clients.
• Experience in addressing adoption and change fatigue in the context of someone who is or works with blind, deafblind, or partially sighted individuals.
• Driven towards meaningful initiatives, and can translate this into their work.
• Can relate and understand the multi dimensions of support staff and clients, and this is informed by a cross-disciplinary  post secondary degree in the Social Sciences.
• Comfortable producing written and verbal communications, including correspondents to support senior leadership in decision making, announcements, presentations, and more.
• Experience in knowledge translation to communicate technical, conceptual, and process-based information, including identify opportunities within market research. 
• A background in accessibility and inclusion to provide staff and clients exceptional service so all can engage fully.
• Experience supporting and leading task force working groups to enhance cross-functional collaboration and deliver best practices that are meaningful.
• Adopts a person centered approach and is open to learning new assistive tech solutions.
• An innovative and empathetic leader with strong interpersonal skills that values emotional, technical, and physical reactions to change.
• An understanding of appropriate usability testing, including its possible emotional impact outcomes.
• Experience managing colleagues and volunteers to motivate and maintain productive outcomes, including capture lessons learned to support growth.
• Experience supporting CNIB National related work in the organization.

Application and contact information

CNIB strives to establish and maintain an inclusive workplace and believes that the diversity of our workforce is an invaluable asset. CNIB is committed to following recruitment and selection practices based on merit, transparency, accessibility and inclusion ensuring that all candidates are given a fair opportunity for employment with CNIB.

To help ensure that this commitment is met, CNIB is committed to working with all candidates that require an accommodation. If you require an accommodation, please let us know what accommodation you require and CNIB will work with you to meet your needs at every stage of the recruitment and selection process.

For more information or to submit your resume, please contact Mahadeo.Sukhai@cnib.ca

Please send cover letter and resume, and mention how you learned of this position.

Please note that the successful candidate will be required to pass a standard Criminal Record Check.

We thank all applicants for their interest in CNIB, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.