​Empowering Canadians to live independently with vision loss is what CNIB is all about.

A proud heritage of service 

CNIB has a longstanding relationship with the men and women of Canada’s military, and we’re proud to continue that tradition to this day – by reaching out to veterans across Canada, and offering them programs and services that can help them lead full, active lives with vision loss.

Our military history

CNIB was founded in 1918 by a group of men – several of whom had served in the military – who recognized the need to support their fellow veterans returning home blind after World War I. 

Support for veterans 

Nearly a century after we began, CNIB now serves not only veterans, but all Canadians who have experienced a loss of sight. But our history is rooted in service to Canadian soldiers, and it’s a heritage we’re proud to continue to this day. 

Whether their vision loss is combat-related or simply a factor of aging, CNIB offers personalized rehabilitation support to Canadian veterans of all ages – at no cost – to help them lead full, active lives.  

If you’re a Canadian veteran and you’ve experienced a loss of vision that’s affecting your life, we can help you:  

  • work through your emotions with support from people who care and understand.
  • access helpful products at Shop CNIB, like talking watches and large-button phones. What’s more, the costs of many of these products are covered for you by Veter¬ans Affairs Canada
  • build your independence with personalized support in everything from travelling, to cooking, to identifying money.
  • maintain your love of reading with books, newspapers and magazines in easy-to-use audio at the CNIB Library.
  • and much more.

To learn more about how we can support you, browse our range of services, email us at info@cnib.ca or call 1-800-563-2642.