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For vision loss rehabilitation

​​​​Is your vision loss affecting your independence, safety and mobility? If so, you might benefit from vision loss rehabilitation therapy. Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada is here to help. Here's how you can get the ball rolling:

  • Talk to your health care professional. They understand your vision loss and can help you decide if and when rehabilitation might be right for you.
  • Ask them to refer you to us by using Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada's simple online referral form. It will give us all the information we need to get started.
  • Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada staff will be in touch with you within five to 10 days of receiving your referral to talk about your needs and goals, and start creating your personalized rehabilitation plan.

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Quebec residents 

If you live in Quebec, there's a special form you or your health care professional will need to complete before getting started. Learn more and access the Quebec registration form.