CNIB Accessibility Overview

Imagine not being able to access information.

For millions of Canadians this is the reality. Today, only 5 percent of printed materials are available in alternate formats, while less than 1percent of websites are accessible. Although we are living in the information age, the tools and technologies that provide a gateway to resources, services, education and commerce are not available to a significant number of individuals in our society.

CNIB is committed to helping people who are blind or partially sighted be full participants in life. As the experts in our field, our reputation is built on 93 years of dedicated service to our community and our stakeholders

An accessible world is an inclusive world

As a nationwide, community-based registered charity, CNIB provides a full spectrum of accessibility expertise and support. People who are blind and partially sighted, as well as industry and government, have come to rely on the guidance, assistance and resources we provide in this area.

CNIB is also the voice of accessibility advocacy with both government and industry. It is our mission is to ensure access for the community we serve and to foster an inclusive society.