Official recognition granted for National Vision Health Month


CNIB is excited to announce that the Senate has adopted a motion to officially recognize May as National Vision Health Month.

The Honourable Senator Dr. Asha Seth, a long-time member of CNIB’s National Board, hosted a gathering in her Parliament Hill Office yesterday to mark the first National Vision Health Month. Parliamentarians and representatives from CNIB came together to commemorate the launch of this historic occasion.

Senator Seth has been lobbying for support on this motion for over a year. Fellow Senators recognized the importance of this initiative, and it passed in the Senate shortly thereafter. Her hard work and commitment to vision health is incredibly valuable and has truly paid off.

Vision Health Month is a national public education campaign, initiated by CNIB and now in its fifth year. Throughout the month of May, in partnership with Doctors of Optometry Canada, CNIB aims to educate Canadians about their vision health and eliminate avoidable sight loss across the country.

“Vision Health Month helps empower Canadians with the knowledge they need to take the required steps to healthy vision for life,” said John Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB, who spoke at the event. “CNIB is forever grateful to the Honourable Senator Asha Seth for her work as a strong advocate of vision health.”

“This is a cost-effective strategy to educate Canadians about the importance of vision health,” explained Senator Seth, in her original statement to the Senate. “It will give us an opportunity to encourage practices that save sight and help prevent vision loss for thousands of Canadians. It will allow parliamentarians, non-profit organizations, educators and stakeholders to organize around the month of May to inform Canadians about the well-established methods of eye-disease prevention.”

Join us in celebrating Senator Seth’s accomplishments, and this May, take our Healthy Vision Checklist to learn how you can protect your family’s sight.

About Vision Health Month

Vision Health Month is a nationwide awareness campaign designed to educate Canadians about their vision health and eliminate avoidable sight loss across the country. Throughout the month of May, CNIB and Doctors of Optometry Canada are calling on all Canadians to protect their families’ vision and get an eye exam from a Doctor of Optometry.​

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