Deloitte Raises Funds for Lake Joe with 'Shotz for Totz'

‘Shotz for Totz’ is a creative initiative thought up by 4 members of the Deloitte team - Salim Bhattachan, Dhruv Dave, Tyler Fenwick and Bowen Li. So far, it has raised $3,200 for CNIB. It is the latest in a long line of wonderfully generous support from Deloitte and we thank them for continuing to think of us.
We had a chat with Salim to learn more about ‘Shotz for Totz’ and to find out why supporting Lake Joe and CNIB is important to him.

Why did you become involved with Lake Joe?

I initially became involved with Lake Joseph CNIB through a two-week volunteering initiative while I was in high school. Subsequently I have been back during the summers volunteering through different initiatives, most recently I have been heavily involved with Camp Abilities at Lake Joseph. I continue to be involved with this program, as I truly believe it provides tremendous value to the numerous youth who attend! It is truly incredible to be around their spirits, see their smiles and to ultimately see them build their confidence.

How did you feel when you arrived at Lake Joe?

When I arrived at Lake Joseph, I felt welcomed and it felt like a very inclusive environment, which I believe is a testament to the “Tone at the Top”. Further, I was amazed by the breathtaking facilities and the view of the lake. Every year, when I visit Lake Joseph, I always feel excited to be there and I am rejuvenated by the clients which the camp services and the staff.

How did you feel when you left Lake Joe?

I felt a mix bag of emotions. On one hand, it was sad to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the week. However, on the other hand, I was extremely excited for the participants to take what they had learned back to their communities. I left feeling like I was able to help accomplish something great, and made a few friends doing it.

Why did you host Shotz for Totz in support of Lake Joe?
Shotz for Totz, is an initiative where Deloitte staff have their professional photo taken and the proceeds are donated to Lake Joseph Camp Abilities, CNIB. My colleagues, Bowen, Dhruv and Tyler, and I started this initiative three years ago, and came up with the idea while in first year staff orientation. When we first started at Deloitte, we sometimes felt disconnected from our team given the large number of staff involved in any project/engagement, and that our teams typically spanned across different cities. At Deloitte, one of the ways we communicate with one another is through an online communication platform. The platform allows you to include a picture with your profile and we noticed many staff weren’t using this function. We also felt that when we were on a call with a colleague who did have a picture, it made the connection feel more intimate and the conversation more natural.  Then we thought, how can we connect this idea with giving back to the community. We’re so pleased with the success of Shotz for Totz and that we are able to help Lake Joe.
'Shotz for Totz creators from Deloitte 
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Bowen Li, Dhruv Dave, Tyler Fenwick and Salim Bhattachan of Deloitte.

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