eSight Eyewear

eSight eyewear is an innovative, wearable, electronic assistive technology designed specifically for people with low vision. It’s a high-tech eyewear device that enhances whatever the user is looking at to maximize the effectiveness of your remaining eyesight.

And although eSight cannot fully restore sight, it can improve remaining sight, and has the potential to have a life-changing impact for many people with low vision. For example, eSight eyewear may help you shop independently, see items above or below eye level or recognize a friend in a crowd from a distance.

eSight eyewear uses a high-resolution camera to capture what the user is looking at, and projects real-time onto two LED screens right in front of your eyes. The device has been shown to work for those from age eight to 88, and is customizable, so prescriptions can be built right into the device.

“The effect this technology can have on the lives of people with vision loss is remarkable,” said John Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB. “It’s an exciting device that can enable some people to recapture activities they haven’t experienced in decades, like watching their kids play soccer or reading the Sunday morning newspaper.”

Here are three stories of eSight users who say the device has changed their life.

CNIB has partnered with eSight to help our eligible clients make the most of the technology available to them. If you have a friend or loved one that you think could benefit from eSight, refer them and give back to CNIB! For every referral that ends up purchasing the device, a portion of the sale will go to support CNIB’s services.

CNIB is proud to support technology which can have such a profound effect on the quality of life of our clients. For more information and to sign up for a demonstration near you, visit


How does eSight work?

eSight takes the input from a video camera mounted on your head and displays the image on what looks like a 60-inch TV screen right in front of your eyes. It’s hands-free: where you turn your head is what is displayed; and it all happens in real time. You control the zoom and the contrast to make the best image for you.

Who can benefit from eSight eyewear?

eSight eyewear helps people with low vision and legal blindness with a variety of low vision conditions, including macular degeneration, Stargardt’s disease, ocular albinism, diabetic retinopathy, Leber’s optic neuropathy, cone-rod dystrophy and other low vision conditions. Visual performance is much more important than the specific diagnosis. Today’s eSight eyewear is most effective for those with acuity between 20/60 and 20/400. It is not suitable for those with severe tunnel vision. eSight eyewear has been shown to be effective for people aged eight to 88, but seems to work best for those under 75 years old.

How could eSight eyewear help a person with low vision?

It depends on the individual – some people are able to read for the first time in decades, see faces of loved ones and feel more engaged with their surroundings. Others who work in an office environment say eSight eyewear lets them work just as effectively away from the low vision tools at their desk – the portability of eSight eyewear enables them to see presentations and interact with colleagues in meetings.

How is eSight eyewear customized?

Working with a low vision specialist, eSight eyewear is personalized for the individual – algorithms are programmed according to their eye condition and preferred activities. As well, their prescription lenses are built right into the eyewear.Man using eSight eyewear to read newspaper in public