Who We Are

Since our founding in 1918, CNIB has grown to become the primary resource for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted, with offices in communities across the country. We’re proud to help thousands of Canadians see beyond vision loss every single day.

What we do

Vision loss is a complex issue with many underlying challenges. For that reason, our work is made up of three pillars designed to address the challenges of vision loss from all angles – so that we’re able to provide real, sustainable help to Canadians who are blind or partially sighted.

Those pillars are: community-based support, knowledge and a national voice.

Who we serve

Any Canadian who has experienced a loss of vision, in any community nationwide, can come to CNIB for rehabilitation support – whether you’re an adult or senior; a child or teen; whether you’ve been completely blind all your life or have recently experienced a partial loss of vision.

You don’t have to be legally blind to come to CNIB. In fact, nine out of every 10 people we serve have some degree of sight. If you’d like to receive support from CNIB, please visit your eye doctor and ask him or her to send us a referral on your behalf; this way we’re able to tailor our services to suit your unique needs.

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