Founded in 1918, CNIB is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected charities. For 99 years, the organization has been Canada’s primary source of support for people who are blind or partially sighted, providing crucial vision loss rehabilitation services to thousands of Canadians each day.

With a dedicated team of approximately 700 staff members and thousands of volunteers across the country, CNIB is proud to be there, every step of the way, for people who are blind or partially sighted and their families, from the crucial early childhood years through adulthood and into the autumn of life. We also work diligently to increase public understanding of vision health, and to advocate proudly for an inclusive society where no citizen is left behind, regardless of vision loss.

CNIB has ambitious goals for the future. Through our new strategic plan, CNIB is working to ensure that every Canadian who is blind or partially sighted has access to the full range of services they need to increase their independence and have more control over their own lives.

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Date: November 6th, 2017

Job Title: Specialist, Intervention

Term: Part Time

Location: Ottawa 

In covering a broad range of duties and responsibilities include acting as a communicator and sighted guide to individuals with combined loss of hearing and sight.  The incumbent provides access to information and facilitates the interaction between the individual and their environment.


Essential Duties entail (but not limited to):

·         Works with the Manager/Coordinator Deafblind Services, to effectively meet the needs of the individual.

·         Supports the acquisition of alternative communication skills such as Two Hand Manual, American Sign Language, Fingerspelling, Braille

·         Provides one-to-one service and support to individuals who are deafblind in the home or in the community, provides access to information for individuals to make an informed decision, and to act as interpreter, and sighted guide.

·         Assists individuals with tasks as required, i.e. phone calls, grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc.

·         Perform administrative duties such as reports upon request and service tracking.

·         Assists individuals in the acquisition and use of assistive devices

·         Assists in public awareness education and in service training

·         Assists in accessing CNIB services as well as community services

·         Assist individuals with the use of technical devices

·         Assist in accessing information from newspapers, television and radio in their preferred method of communication

·         Facilitate the communication between individuals and their environment.

·         Work as part of a multi disciplinary team.

·         Assist client in pursuing community based recreation, education, vocation, social and self-advocacy

·         Assist individuals with planning of intervention time. 

·         Builds relationships with individual by supporting their daily needs and acting as a communicator with other people.


·         Liaises with other team members and other CNIB service staff.


·         Builds and maintains relationships with other external stakeholders and community groups and agencies.


·         Ability to work in a team environment such as “team intervention”


·         Ability to creatively and quickly problem solve to respond to the individual’s needs


·         Committed to maintaining confidentiality and privacy

·         Has latitude in making decisions about individual assessments, counselling and crisis intervention. 


·         Judgment is also utilized when making decisions about whether to refer individuals to other services or agencies.


·         Takes initiative in finding new ways to assist individuals in their daily routines.


·         Keeps abreast of new technologies, technical skills and terminology, and trends in the field of intervention


·         Facilitate and enhance team efforts on a professional level and share specialized knowledge, sources, experiences, concepts and skills.


Qualifications: (Education, Training, Experience):

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:


·         Demonstrated understanding of theories and principles of intervention.


·         Knowledgeable about deafblindness and common associated health related concerns in all life stages (children to seniors)


·         Knowledge of multi communication methods i.e. Two Hand Manual, American Sign Language, etc.


·         Well-developed communications and interpersonal skills.


·         Well organized with the ability to time manage and set priorities.


·         Demonstrated good customer service with a supportive attitude.


·         Self directed, organized, and attention to detail


·         Demonstrated individual centred approach and commitment


·         Mature and professional attitude


·         Background and understanding of people with exceptionalities.


·         Adheres to the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct set forth by the Deafblind Services Program


Experience and Education:


·         A diploma or degree in intervention for deafblind individuals is required; related work experience is an asset. 

·         Demonstrated knowledge or understanding in alternate formats of communications i.e. Two Hand Manual, American Sign Language, Fingerspelling etc.

·         Good command of relevant computer applications

·         Must be available to travel to individual’s home and to their appointments.


Closing Date for Applications:  November 17th, 2017

Please Send the Application To: and quote the job title in the subject line

Please send cover letter and resume, and mention how you learned of this position.

CNIB strives to establish and maintain an inclusive workplace and believes that the diversity of our workforce is an invaluable asset. CNIB is committed to following recruitment and selection practices based on merit, transparency, accessibility and inclusion ensuring that all candidates are given a fair opportunity for employment with CNIB.

To help ensure that this commitment is met, CNIB is committed to working with all candidates that require an accommodation. If you require an accommodation, please state in your cover letter what accommodation you require and CNIB will work with you to meet your needs at every stage of the recruitment and selection process.

We thank all applicants for their interest in CNIB, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.